S4 Workflow Create and Configuration

Create and Configure the workflow/s in several minutes. We introduced spreadsheet to Create and configuration the workflows in minutes. Provide the basic information about Workflow name, Company name and number of steps to be there in the workflow

In the workflow/s steps there is options to select different actions can be performed in each step of the workflow, set attributes and that’s it you can use the workflow/s. Its that simple and you do not need any wizards to design the workflows

Workflow Actions

There are 50+ different actions which user can select at the time of configuring the Steps in Spreadsheet. This will give the flexibility for all the different industries to create and use s4 workflows to match their requirements. These actions can be used to create Complex workflows, medium-level workflows and simple workflows.

The examples of few workflow actions are – Assign a Task to user/group of users, Send Email/Reminder, Call Web Service, move to different step with in the workflow, document check-in/check-out, send file attachments and get electronic signatures/Approvals.

Task Manager

In order to view and analyze different task there is a Task Manager which comes with the S4 Workflow. Task Manager is having the two different views based on security, Users view and Admin view.

If users login to the Task Manager, they can see their own tasks. And If Admins login to the Task Manager they will see all the tasks.

Workflow Status

In order to show the status of the workflows there is one screen called Workflow status in S4 Workflow tool.

There are different indicators in the workflow status screen to show current stage of the workflow. This is very useful to check the current state of the particular process.

Task Approval

Task Approval Screen Consists of current workflow status and an approval control to approve the task based on the actions configured, Request details in read only format for reference documents and History details control that displays summary of approval

Approval can perform different actions like entering the comments and click on one of the button – Complete, Rework and Cancel.

Task Locking

In case of multiple approvers on same task, if any one of the approver is handling the activity then the other approver can see the activity locked.

Admin can unlock the activity at any time to the other approvers in case the former approver does not perform activity.


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Approver Delegation

There is a Delegation option where one approver can delegate the task to other approver/s.

Usually this scenario exists when approvers are in vacation, sick or out of station.

Project Management Dashboard (For Admins)

For Admins there is Management tab in tool and this Management tab is security driven accessible to only Admins. Admins can work on Users and Role configuration.

Admins can create the different roles for different workflows and add the users based on the roles and workflows.

Reports Management (For Admins)

Reports Option is available for admins in Secured Management Tab. Admins can upload various reports and also should be able to download the reports.

There are different formats in which reports can be downloaded like Spreadsheet, .pdf and CSV

Workflow Email Template (For Admins):

Emails part in the workflows will be there in different actions Task Create, Task Approve, Task Complete and Send Email (other than tasks) and Send email with attachment.

Admins should be able to configure the different email templates for different email actions.

Workflow Configuration History (For Admins)

Admins should be able to view history of all the workflows, and its configurations using the History screen.

This is useful to check the different metrics of how many request raised per workflow and all the details