Pricing Information:

Based on the Industry needs S4 Workflow features are divided into 4 different levels, so that it will fit the size and type of the Industries.

Plan summary Standard CAL EnterPrise CAL Full CAL Long term Full CAL
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Projects allowed Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Security
Backups Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Client/Contractor access Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Setup cost Free Free Free Free
Project Managers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Workflow tasks
Workflow requests screen
Workflow Details Page
Workflow/Task Reports
Workflow Tasks/Sub-tasks
Custom Fields
Custom Forms
Tasks Managers
Tasks Screen
Recurring Tasks
Dependent Tasks
Import/Export Contacts
Quick Email
Reports Manager
Resource Reports
Custom Defined Actions
User and Group Action
Task Action
web service Action
Document version Action
Steps Change Action
Check in Action
Check Out Action
Task Compelte Action
Convert Document Action
Create User Action
Create Group Action
Declare Action
Delegate Task Action
Discard check out
Start workflow
End workflow
Run SQL Action
Get users
For Each
History List Acion
Loop Action
Pause Action
Action Publish Workflow
Select/update User Directories like Ldap/AD
Select/update User Profile
Select/update XML
Get Approval Action
Get user input Data
Process Review
If and Else Action
Copy documeAction
Add Runtime condition
Add Runtime variable
Add Runtime approval status
Add Runtime document 
Add Runtime workflow status
Change Runtime field value
Configure record permissions
Change workflow status
Sequential Action
State Machine Action
Switch Action
Task reminder
Stop workflow
Update document
Update Record
Update multiple records
Update User Profile
Update XML action
Create Runtime Report
Reusable Workflows
Custom Defined Actions