Pharma Industry Workflows.

Pharma Industry Workflows are step by step process supported by the rules, checklists, Actions and flowcharts which requires to help you conduct legal work more efficiently and effectively. Enjoy peace of mind when supervising and training less experienced staff or use them as a time-saving tool when completing tasks in novel areas of practice. Daily and up-to-date, workflows will become a new partner in your firm. You can Stabilize the Pharma Industry Process using this

Pharma Industry Operations has need for setting up and managing processes for alomost all categories of Businesses. Among the typical daily duties for Pharma Industry Operations:

Non-Compatible agreements (NCAs) and NDAs: In many companies, different locations often require different NCA’s and NDA’s for different situations and different classes of contractors/ employees. It’s important to keep all documentation in secured place and to go through the different level of the reviews and approvals in order to finalize the deal. S4 Workflows will streamline this process by saving the documents in secured place and sending the documents for reviews and different level of approvers by sending alerts and reminders. At particular point we know where the document stage is? (in Review or approved or waiting at which stage), and all these types of the reports can be viewable at any given time. This will save time a lot in sending the emails, reminders and to store in secure place.

S4 workflow will save time in Document signing, including electronic signatures.

To reach deadlines: Pharma Industry has to deal with filing deadlines and each case, whether its small or big, will have different deadlines. In order to track these deadlines, Pharma Industry/team members have to spend more time every day, there should be some streamline process where Pharma Industry should not worry about all these deadlines. Workflows will provide this automation so that legal team will have peace of mind and no need to worry on spending the time on these deliverables

The mistakes that can come when relying on fallible memory and confusing paper forms

Case Flow: In all the cases there will be different scenarios of collecting the documentation, working on the documentation, sending the documentation for the signatures and once the documents came back from the beneficiary then filing the case. All these cases will be achieved easily with S4 workflow.

Document/files Review Process

To Submit Documents/files for approvals

Alerts/Remind the Deadlines

To get Approvals

Store the Document in secure place

Keeps everything in centralize location and it can be access from various places through internet


Check the Status at anypoint of the process

Saves time to track the deadlines, Approvals, to get signatures and reviews.